Friday, October 28, 2016

Movies with Log Cabins - 'Songcatcher-

Made in 2000, 'Songcatcher' is based on the life of Olive Dame Campbell.
Set in the southern highland mountains of North Carolina, Dr Penleric, a musicologist, who by accident, at least in the film, discovers once thought lost folk songs of English and Scottish heritage and makes it her goal to capture as many as she can.

While the film spends to much time on the effects of same sex love and how it is viewed in such rural areas the story is still rather good and makes one want to know more about the history of the rural song collection covered in the film. Acting by the key performers is good, and some of the singing and music is very good.

While most of the images of log cabins are of the interior or close up views of at least one cabin, you do get a very good sense for what it was like living in those conditions well into the 20th century.

The hardships and beauty of life in rural Appalacia is center in the film

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