Thursday, June 26, 2014

Portland Mo Expedition 6/2014 - a new 'old' log cabin.

Wed. found me taking the day off so we could get daughter to VBS.
Which left daughter and I with a free afternoon to go on one of our 'expeditions'.
Which usually involves me dragging her to old towns and buildings.
I think she likes it.
Today took us through some of the prettiest country in Missouri, Hwy '94'.
This old service station is still in use in Defiance.
Hopefully this old store will get new life along the Katy Trail.
Peers Mo.
 A neat old store and bank, that up till recently was empty but still had all its old counters and shelves, is in Treloar Mo.
 Daughter looking in the old store.
This elevator is also in Treloar.
The painting on the side is done by the brother of our good friend Michael Haynes, Bryan did this painting for the Katy Trail.
 Almost over grown along '94'.
This building was the purpose of our quest.
An old log building I had heard about on facebook.

Although much of the front structure is beyond repair, there are some neat features.
You can see on the main structure where a window and the fireplace had been covered up.
 My hand is in the picture to indicate how thick the logs are.

 Very nice stones for the front steps.
Most of the damage to the structure is from water coming in where the main structure contacts to the middle room.
The dark logs indicate water damage.

I would love to know the history of the construction. The fireplace on the back room is very large for such a room.
My guess would be that one or more of these cabins had been moved previously, a long time ago and rebuilt together.
It is not unusual for settlers to move cabins (a lot easier than building another) once they found a better location for a more permanent home.
The foundation is very nice on this whole building.
The building was not open, so we did not get to explore the inside.
 We had plenty of time on our drive home so we made a few more stops.

St. Antony's church, Warren County.
 The inside, and it is still used.
 The rear, from near the outhouse.
Yes, it still has an outhouse.

 St. John's UCC.
Of course, you have to stop at all old caboose's that serve Ice Cream. It is a requirement.
One more, again near Augusta.