Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Nice work. . . - Paintings with log cabins.


What follows are a few more cabin pictures from his web-site.

 Teddy Roosevelt.

It looks like John has done a wonderful book
on TR's big hunts.

The next couple are just themes I like.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Desmond Doss log cabin

If you have seen "Hacksaw Ridge" then you know who Desmond Doss is.
Well apparently he for a time lived in a log cabin with his family.
One that he built.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Movies with Log Cabins - 'The Revenant' and 'Cowboys and Aliens'

 These first three photos are from 'The Revenant'.
While the movie did very well at the box office and with the critics, I was very disappointed in it.
While the cinematography and the details in the sets and costumes was incredible, the story took to many liberties with the facts for my liking.
 They actually built 'Fort Kiowa' for the movie, and I am sure it probably is as close as they could make it with the records they have.

It is a shame that after so much work it had very little screen time.

 These next two are from the movie 'Cowboys and Aliens'.

The neatness of the logs suggest it was built as a set piece for the movie knowing it would not appear for very long.

Local company makes good. . . .

 I first heard about 'Rustic Grain' on the episode of 'Barnwood Builders' that took place in Missouri.

A local furniture/fixture company that uses old lumber to build new furniture.
What is really cool is that they label all the pieces with the date and location the building the lumber came from.
 On of our local 'locals', Llewellyn's pub, now has their tables throughout.

Here are a couple of pictures I took last night of the tables.

A new old cabin and a local Barnwood Builder. . . .

 On my way home from our kayak clinic I drove through the little town of Caledonia, Mo.
Lots of neat old stuff in town, and some very historical places. Always a fun drive.

On my previous drives I most have been looking right all the time.
This time I looked left and spotted this little cabin.
 The sign on the front of the cabin says, "Bismarck's First Jail".
Bismarck is a small town about three miles from Caledonia.
So, at some point in time it must have been moved.

The logs are small, so it would have been fairly easy to move.
 While the restoration looks like it was done with care, whenever it had last been done, some signs of the times are starting to show.

 As you can see here, the roof is not kept in very good shape.
Missing shingles will allow for top log rot and the cabin will start to collapse.

You can see the 'jail' bars in the windows.
With the rood like this, it would not be hard to escape.
Makes me think of Mayberry where the jail was used mostly for the town drunk.
 Another problem with the rebuild is that it was rebuilt with the base logs on the ground. This means the logs will always stay wet.
While that may be the way it was orginally, these logs will eventually rot and the cabin will start to lean.

It looks like it was well loved when first moved, but now is in need of some new love.
 As I was headed north out of town I spotted this structure and had to turn around and go back and take a look.
 I pulled over and started to check it out. A young man went and got the guy responsible for the work and we had a good visit.

Dan Burns and a buddy build small log buildings for people. I get the impression he would pretty well build just about any size you would want.
This one was the only one he had up when I went by, but there were signs of log work going on all around the place.
This size building would make a great 'man cave', room addition, hunting or weekend cabin or a guest cabin on your property.
One thing cool about a build like this is you could add doors and windows where ever you wanted to meet your needs.
The logs are well done, with very tight notches. The ends of the logs could be cut even to really finish of the place.

If you are interested you can get a hold of Dan at;

Dan Burns Consturction
17143 S.State Hwy 21
Potosi, Mo 63664


I hope he sends me some photos of some of his other cabins.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Movies . . . um, comic strips with Log Cabins.

Back in the day when comic strips were almost as important as the headline news, Lil Abner was one of the biggest.
Created by Al Capp it did what many strips did back then, masked social commentary with humor.

Set in the back woods of Kentucky, Dogpatch was everything you would expect of a parody of an Appalachian small town.

". . .  Dogpatch consisted mostly of hopelessly ramshackle log cabins, "tarnip" fields, pine trees and "hawg" wallows."

Lil Abner was made into several movies, the two most remembered are from 1940 and 1959.

This image is from the 1959 production.

While it was filmed in a sound studio as a musical, the cabin up on the hill is very interesting.

In 1968 Dogpatch USA opened in Ark.
It didn't last many years, and although several have tried to reopen it, it is at this time abandoned.
When building the theme park the developers rebuilt several old log cabins for the park.
These are pictures of them.

 If I am ever down that way I may see if I can find the place.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Log fix for the week - Lake Killarney Mo.

 I have not found the complete history of this place yet, . . but am working on it.

Camp Penuel was started in 1974, but I am guessing the building has been around longer than that.
Camps of this type were very popular in the 1930 and 40's, and sometimes before then.
 Made of local logs, probably cedar found near by.

All the logs are fairly small and about eight feet long.

I don't think it was a CCC project, but it appears much the same as one of those may have.
 This is a view from the entrance near the sign.
 Back side porch entrance.
 Same entrance but further out.

 Front view but other end.
 Only picture I could get for the inside, and that was through a window.

Still looks like it would have been a fun place.
 Other end of the porch side.

This would have been the front entrance, but the steps are pretty bad now.

 These next images are of some other buildings that would have been near by years ago, also near or on Lake Killarney.

This one would have been wonderful to see!

Another view.