Thursday, August 18, 2016

An interesting find. . . .

I posted this photo a few weeks ago. . .

And have found a few more pictures of what seems to be the same cabin. . .

The windows, and the wood work on the left side seem to prove it is the same.
Now we have a name of the place. . . clic images to see the full size.

And here is a more complete image of the first photo that started all this. . .

So now we know a little about his history.

Maine Log Cabin drawing by Stanley Warren Greene

"Soliloquy in a Woodshed"

He also illustrated several of the works by Edmund Ware Smith who's cabin we talked about here.

Following are a couple of his drawings for E.W. Smiths books.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Speaking of movies with Log Cabins - I forgot about this one. . . sort of. . .

 I have posted my history with this log chapel a few times on this blog.

I recently remembered, in connection with the 'Log Cabins in Movies' theme, that at one time it had been used by a Japanese film company as the wedding chapel for Laure Ingall Wilder in a documentary they were making.
I never saw the movie so I don't know if the scenes made the final cut or not.

The chapel was also used on the cover of a CD for a local artist, and held several weddings.