Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Nice work. . . - Paintings with log cabins.


What follows are a few more cabin pictures from his web-site.

 Teddy Roosevelt.

It looks like John has done a wonderful book
on TR's big hunts.

The next couple are just themes I like.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Desmond Doss log cabin

If you have seen "Hacksaw Ridge" then you know who Desmond Doss is.
Well apparently he for a time lived in a log cabin with his family.
One that he built.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Movies with Log Cabins - 'The Revenant' and 'Cowboys and Aliens'

 These first three photos are from 'The Revenant'.
While the movie did very well at the box office and with the critics, I was very disappointed in it.
While the cinematography and the details in the sets and costumes was incredible, the story took to many liberties with the facts for my liking.
 They actually built 'Fort Kiowa' for the movie, and I am sure it probably is as close as they could make it with the records they have.

It is a shame that after so much work it had very little screen time.

 These next two are from the movie 'Cowboys and Aliens'.

The neatness of the logs suggest it was built as a set piece for the movie knowing it would not appear for very long.

Local company makes good. . . .

 I first heard about 'Rustic Grain' on the episode of 'Barnwood Builders' that took place in Missouri.

A local furniture/fixture company that uses old lumber to build new furniture.
What is really cool is that they label all the pieces with the date and location the building the lumber came from.
 On of our local 'locals', Llewellyn's pub, now has their tables throughout.

Here are a couple of pictures I took last night of the tables.