Friday, September 23, 2016

A-21, Bingo!

The other day, walking around at work, I started feeling a slight stabbing pain in my left heel.

I looked down and inspected my shoe and found this attached at the heel.

One of my log cabin numbering tags.

24 years ago when I took down my first two cabins I used these electric box punch outs as tags. And when I ran out of them I cut squares out of flashing tin.

This past weekend while working on the new project, this one must have come out of the end of one of the logs I was moving.

Whenever we move a cabin we have to come up with a way of marking the logs so it can be reassembled as much as possible the way it came down. Some times bad logs have to be replaced, then you need your logs numbered so you can get a replacement log about the same size, and make a pattern of the notches.

I always lettered my corners and numbered my rows. 'A' would have been the front left corner, and '21' would have been one of the higher up logs near the top of the second story.
If it had been a log that ran the whole width of the cabin 'B 21' would have been on the other end.
If it had been a log with a door or window dissecting it, 'B 21' would have been a separate log.

A couple photos in my earlier posts about the Adirondack Lean-to project shows the logs tagged.

Here is a notch I removed that still has the tag on it.
This is one of the tin tags I had to make.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Movies with Log Cabins - "Foxfire" 1987

It's kind of like bagpipes, you either love John Denver or you don't. I happen to love his music.
While he did several films, he could never be considered a great actor.
At least in the 1987 film 'Foxfire' he played close to kind as a country singer.
The movie also starred Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn a couple of Americas acting elite. Actually they were respectively English and Canadian they were very much associated with American Theatre.

Most of the film is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains and takes place on the old family homestead.
While it is hard to find photos of the log cabin used, the cabins is featured a lot in the movie.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Walker Sisters Cabin in the Smokies - a little more info.

I few weeks ago I posted HERE this image. . .

I didn't know anything about the image at the time other than what I posted. . .

Thanks to a site I follow on Facebook I have since learned a little, actually a lot, more about the place.
It is now known as the Walker Sisters cabin and has quite the story behind it . . . and it still stands.

Any of these following links can tell you as much as you would like to know about the place..

Saturday Evening Post

Your National Parks



and here is a link to a PDF file on the original story.

It is hard to imagine in this day and age that someone lived in that house, using the old ways until 1964!
I was nine when that house was last used as a home.

 And they had a dog!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Adirondack Lean-to project -- Notching 101

 Was able to get out to the cabin yesterday, Sunday and get a little bit done on the project.

Now the we are moving above the sill logs and the first course I will start using 'V' notches until we get to the top plate.

So. . . here is the first 'V' notch I have done since about 1995.

While the tools aren't quite as sharp, nor my skills, it didn't turn out to bad.

Some of the wood isn't in the best of shape, so the wood is a little harder to work with.

Had visitors today out at the cabin, so I actually ended up with a little enthusiastic help.

My friends John and Diane stopped by, and John is always one to try his hand at new things so we ended up having a notch 101 class going on.

Here John is setting the angle for the notch.
The first scores we do with the chain saw. . .

Then moving on to hammer, axe and chisel.

 Till I find my three inch chisel a sharp axe will have to do.
 Fine tuning with a smaller chisel.

He did the top of one log and the bottom of another to complete his first log cabin 'V' notch.

Now I just have to give him a key to the gate and he can come out and practice whenever he likes.

So, at the end of Sunday here is how it looks.
Two more logs up and the third one ready to be worked on.

We will lay the decking next work day which will allow us a working platform once the logs start getting higher.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sometimes you have to look inside. . .

This cabin, called the Jacob Coonce Cabin, would have stood not to far from where I live now.
This photo is from the Library of Congress archives.
What it shows is how you sometimes have to look underneath the siding to find the log cabin.