Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Update on the Ft. Zumwalt project. . .

An update on the reconstruction of the Ft. Zumwalt site.

Not much had been done over the last year, when we visited it,

but they are finally at it again. . .

 You can see the latest work done by the lighter color of the logs in the new work.
 Second story has been started on the western most cabin.
 More logs in on the north side of the middle cabin also.

 Close up of the tongue and grove construction of the middle cabin.
 Even closer view.
North walls.
Won't be long now.

Friday, April 11, 2014

While up at the farm - I found this nice little remuddle.

While up at the farm this weekend, I got a chance to explore some of the old re-buildings at the counties fairgrounds.

This little structure had been rebuilt from other logs and made to function as part of the 'tourist' attraction when they have ole timey events on the grounds.
So it can't be faulted to much for how it looks.
A little to 'Lil Abner' for my taste, but it serves it's purpose and it saved some logs.

Also on site is an old caboose in need of some love.
But it is not beyond repair.