Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Log Cabins Fredericktown Mo 3/13

Daughter and I headed down to the river the day before we left for Disney to deliver Girl Scout Cookies and help set up for our kayak races.

I first took her to where I like to go for breakfast when I go boating. It was her first visit.
Never going to earn any Michelin Stars, it is a homey place filled with locals. If you get there before the smokers, they have a great omelet.

After breakfast we were still early for set-up, so we scouted the local log cabins in town.

 Two have been reconstructed near the old town square, and are up high and dry for future generations.
 Both are fairly small, perhaps used as outbuildings or worker/slave cabins at one time.

No postings tell of the history of either building.

 Both have dove-tail notches.

In looked like at one time they were planned as small museums (some old furniture inside), but now don't look much used.

 Fredricktown seems to be having a little bit of a rebirth for it looks in better shape now than it did twenty years ago when I first started boating.

Some nice old houses in town.

 County court house on the town square.
Some nice old business buildings still standing.

Like most small towns, the highway came in to far away from town to help it, and a Walmart moved in next to the highway.

 We did deliver the cookies and helped with the race course setup.
On our drive home I found this barn that is going to require further exploration on another day.

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