Monday, October 17, 2016

Adirondack Lean-to project; another good days work

Although a little warmer than I normally like it for log work, it was none-the-less a good day to get some more work done.

Using rollers to move the log, and ramps to get it up on the platform I was able to get my next long log up before company arrived.

I was able to use the notch on one end that was already on the log, but I had had to cut the other end shorter than the original log, so I had to make one crown notch on this log at this closest end. (That's why it looks so uneven in this photo, not notched yet.)
 Here it is notched, and you can really see how this log differed in width from one end to the other.
It also shows how you need to stagger your wider and narrower logs all the way up to keep your logs as close to level as you can.
I other words; you can't have all thick logs on one side and all thin logs on the other.
 On the cabin this top log came from it was the top log that the joist plate rested on.
You can tell that in two ways.
The notch on top is not a crown notch, but rather a more complicated one that would keep the plate log from sliding off.
Secondly you can see that the end of the log sticks over the log below it about four inches.
That was to allow the plate log to stick out a bit and give better rain run-off off of the roof. A slight cantilever.
 Just by eye so far, not to far off level.
 Here that log is now notched on both ends, and while there is still a good gap by the tapering of the log, it is now not as great.
 Good friends John and Diane came out once again and this time John brought tools.
Some really nice old chisels and a wooden mallet.
Man did those chisels work well. Nice and sharp.
Made it a pleasure to use them.

Here is John heard at work using them.

 Taking shape.
 Finishing touches.
 He did one end and I did the other.

Here you can see how the middle log is much wider than the one above or below.
Staggering your widths.
 The other end.
 Close up.
 One thing about having friends come out while I work is that I actually end up in a couple photos now and then.
The nice tools John brought out.

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