Friday, April 5, 2013

Weldon Springs log building

 This little log crib sits next to the town hall and city park for the village of Weldon Springs.
 Well taken care of and well up off the ground.
It was probably used as a grain bin of some sort over the years.

No sign actually tells where it is from or any history of it.
 Nice over hang covering the door.

Notice the log laying beside it. . .
. . . it looks like it came from another building.

It is a cantilever top log which would have allowed for overhangs on both ends.

Not sure if it was for this cabin or just on display.
 Back view.
 Also on the property is two other piles of logs waiting to be reconstructed.

Each log is carefully numbered.

Seven deer near by.
(Well, the others were just of camera.)

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