Monday, October 24, 2016

Adirondack Lean-to project. Got lots done this weekend.

 Great weather for getting lots done this weekend.
First chore, get the last long log up on which will sit the back side roof rafters.

 This log for that last log had originally served the same purpose in its original purpose on the cabin it came from.

Here sliding it up the ramps to get it in place.
 Placed along the back (west) side.
 Here it rests on its notch.
You can also see the fine original notching from its previous life.
 Just a slight bow that will not be a problem.
 Some of the old square nails still in the log. Love the color of the old nails.
 One of the original rafter notches.
 Here I have already placed one more log after the back log and log number two is on its way up the ramps.
 Looking level so far across the two latest logs.

The closer you can keep the irregular logs to level as you go up makes it a lot easier to finish near the top.
 Three so far above the back plate log.
These exposed notches will be cut off as the roof rafters are added.

 Here I have attached a narrow pine strip to help me determine the roof pitch on the back side.

You can also see where the logs will be cut off.

Because the logs are no longer being attached, yet, to other logs at the corners, a little more bracing is required.
 The holes in the ends of the logs indicate that these logs were at one time used around doors or windows.
 The ramp system.
If I were to go many more courses up I would either need longer ramp boards or a mechanical devise to get the logs up higher.

Here you can see the course of logs that are cantilevered out further than the others.
This will allow for a nice over hang on the front.
 Ridge beam although not set, is up in place.
It still needs to go about nine inches higher.
 Not bad for a lot of eye work.
 Cantilevered beam going up.
 Cantilevered beam up and in place.
 Here I have also added a strip on the front side to help envision the pitch of the roof on the front.

While close to where they need to be, the pitch will be slightly greater.
 From the southwest side.
 Eight logs and three beams up today.
Pretty happy with the results.

I think at this point you can start to see what the project will look like in the end.

I have also cut the front logs below the cantilever off level and in line with each other.
A face log will go on the end of those to tie them in and also support the cantilevered logs.
 The cantilevered beam setting on its notch.
End of the day.
View from the northwest.

I think the new building will be a good addition to the place.


  1. This really is a wonderful and a substantial project. Somehow, the title "lean-to" doesn't do it full justice.

    1. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks as the roof goes on. Then I think it will be clear as to its function.