Thursday, October 27, 2016

Montana refuge. . .

 A friend of ours spends his summers out west usually living in a fire tower all summer.

This year after fire watch was over he stayed out west on poacher patrol. And this cabin is where he gets to spend his evenings and nights. It is called the Kishenehn Cabin.

Built in 1919.

 The Kishenehn Ranger Station in Glacier National Park was built in 1919 to replace an earlier station that burned in 1913. Located just three miles south of the Canada–United States border, the log cabin was one of the earliest administrative structures in the park. The cabin was designed in an early version of what became the National Park Service Rustic style.
Love the two stoves he shows.

Also on the site is this log barn.

And it has a log outhouse!

This is apparently his view.

Here is a nice write up about the place.

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