Monday, August 7, 2017

Arrow Rock Mo.

 We went to the theatre in the small historic town of Arrow Rock this past weekend, and while waiting out the crowds to leave town we drove some of the back streets and found this gem.

This is the back.
The chimney is nice but would not have been period.
 This is the front of the little cabin.
I like the foundation they put under the cabin.

And the only bad part of the rebuild is the bowed logs on this end.
They have now started to catch the water and are in pretty bad shape.
Luckily the corners have stayed dry, other wise the cabin would have fallen.
 Another view of the front.
I like the windows they have used; six-over-six.
 Although not unusual, you don't see a lot of cabins with logs joined like this.

There are three reasons this could have been done.

One; maybe there was not enough man power or horse power around to move larger logs, and the builder had to use smaller logs.

Two; Maybe there were no large logs. Not likely in Missouri, but possible.

Three; An extra room was needed and added later.

I am going with lack of man power and the need for smaller logs.

Closer view of the front.

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