Friday, February 17, 2017

Some more from Rustic Cabin Life

 While this would suggest a dog-trot cabin, I do not agree that it is.
To me this looks like a small house attached to a barn, maybe to make access to the animals easier in bad weather.
The larger building is not chinked like the smaller cabin, nor are there any visible windows.
There could be a chimney on the far side of the bigger building which could spoil my theory.

This one reminds me of Maine and maybe a logging camp, or more likely a hunting camp.
There is an Allen Pond in Maine, but it is just my guess.
Shingles on the ends of the gables are pretty common in New England.

The people in this one look Latino or Native American.
Look at the size of the logs.
The thickness and the width of the logs would suggest the logs were split and two logs were got from each tree.
The chimney is very well built.
The churn is made from one stump.

This would have probably been the easiest cabin to build on this page.
Looks like it was made of pine (or some other softer wood), and the logs were never de-barked.
A stove seems to be present instead of a fire place.

So many interesting things in this photo.
Chickens all over the place. Clothes line made from a bent over tree.
The rocking chair moved out into the yard. The logs are beautifully hewn, and the cabin is not yet finished.
The hole in the roof is where the chimney will pass through.

This one is titled Pike's Peak prospector. It has been suggested that it is summer because the stove is outside.

Looks like the top plate log is going up.
Notice the doors and windows have not yet been cut in.

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