Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Just won't give up. . . .

 I have been watching this little cabin try to fall down for going on 25 years now.

It is in a field, near the road, close to our local kayak river in southern Mo.
 Not a big place, maybe 14 x 14.
At one time, 15 years ago, I tried the get the stones from the old chimney but the land owner said someone else already had asked for them.
 The dovetail notches are very nice.
Clean and well made.
 At one time, indicated by the vertical boards on the outside, it probably had clap-board siding on it.

I can see one upper floor joist in this picture, so even if it was only a half story, there would have been some room upstairs.
 Here is a fine example of wood between the logs to hold the chinking.

A close up of the same.

Two walls are completely gone.
With the two remaining still looking pretty good.
 One day I will drive by and it will have fallen down completely, but for now, it is still holding on.

In this photo you can see better the vertical boards for the siding.
The size indicates it was probably never the main home. Maybe a field hands.

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