Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Log fix for the week - Lake Killarney Mo.

 I have not found the complete history of this place yet, . . but am working on it.

Camp Penuel was started in 1974, but I am guessing the building has been around longer than that.
Camps of this type were very popular in the 1930 and 40's, and sometimes before then.
 Made of local logs, probably cedar found near by.

All the logs are fairly small and about eight feet long.

I don't think it was a CCC project, but it appears much the same as some of those kind of projects.

 This is a view from the entrance near the sign.
 Back side porch entrance.
 Same entrance but further out.

 Front view but other end.
 Only picture I could get for the inside, and that was through a window.

Still looks like it would have been a fun place.
 Other end of the porch side.

This would have been the front entrance, but the steps are pretty bad now.

 These next images are of some other buildings that would have been near by years ago, also near or on Lake Killarney.

This one would have been wonderful to see!

Another view.

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