Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Weekend - Hermann, Mo - Part Two.

We then headed south and west a little to check out the "Swiss Meat and Sausage Company".
(You can see their sign in the back left of this photo.)

And in their lot they had rebuilt this delightful little log building. Probably used as a small out building or smoke house. It is a wonderful little reconstruction.

Nice porch and good over-hangs on the roof.

Great finished foundation.
Would make a great guest cabin or kids play house.

 We then headed towards Bonnotts Mill Mo passing this charming setting with a wonderful old barn and brick house, that were in great shape.
In the yard behind the house and barn was. . . .
. . . this great looking little building. Well maintained and if not in it's original setting and condition it sure had to be close.

Stones between the logs to hold the chinking.

It is also a good indication that this is probably on it's original site by how close the logs are to the ground. Reconstructions usually place cabins on a higher foundation.
If the windows were not been added later, it could have been a slave or workers cabin.
 This is a side view of the main house.
Side view with another barn in the background.

This was a very cool setting for the cabin and house!

On our drive home Sunday afternoon. . . .

. .  we pulled over to explore this run down little house, hoping it was log.
It turned out not to be. But pulling in the drive to check it out we spotted . . . .
.. . .  this small log crib. Still covered and in good shape and still being used.

Although we had set out just to have a relaxing weekend at a great B&B, we had the added bonus of many cabin discoveries.

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