Monday, June 17, 2013

Troy Mo. cabins

Up in Troy for a birthday party and stopped by these two cabins that have been on Main St. Troy for years.

Here, with assistant, near the monument to Fort Wood, which it seems was on this site.

You can see the two cabins in the background.

The smaller of the two buildings, probably used as a shed or even worker/slave cabin at one time.
It is hard to tell if the window placement was original or added.

The rough finish on the notches would indicate it was not a main house.

The larger of the two cabins with an updated fireplace, but rather nice looking one.

Note the logs indicating a second story.

Again, not some of the finest log work you will see, but it is well maintained.

The size of the two buildings suggest building of a lesser purpose than a main house for the land owners.

Both in their setting on Main St., Troy.

A little history of Troy.

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