Monday, May 13, 2013

Lucky we are. . ..

We are lucky in St Charles to have a fairly active preservation culture. Many fine old buildings are taken care of and maintained. And just like about every where else, we have lost a few that should have been saved for historic architectural reasons.

This nice old Italianate, although sitting empty at the moment is in great shape.

Sitting on the same property is this wonderful little log home that was moved from a local farmstead and rebuilt in town.

Note the nice carriage house at the back of the two buildings.

 The man how started the rebuilding and preservation was Glen Bishop. A local store owner/contractor and the one responsible for much of the work done on St. Charles' effort with the Lewis and Clark celebration just a few years ago.

A small sign tells part of it's history.
 Eastern side with carriage house in the back.
 Western view with carriage house and main house.
 This beautiful double crib dog-trot cabin sits on Missouri's First State Capital site.
A wonderful reconstruction that at the time of it's rebuilding was intend as public toilets for the surrounding historical area. It only serviced in that capacity for a short time.

Despite the fact that it still contains cinder block restrooms inside, the reconstruction work is excellent.
 The back side.
 Nice half windows on the half story second floor.

From the other end.

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