Monday, November 25, 2013

Where it all began. . .

In a previous post I suggested that I may have first fallen in love with log cabins during the broadcast of the 'Daniel Boone' TV show,
and although that may still be the case, something or somewhere may have also had an influence.

During the late 50's and well into the 60's we would vacation once a year at Grand Glaze, Lake of the Ozarks and we would stay in some cabins just as you got off of the bridge, I believe it was called Shady Slope.
We always stayed at the same cabin. Some times we would have to spend one night or so in another cabin or building till the one we loved was available.
 But some how, we always ended with some time in our favorite.

Probably built around the time the dam was built in the late 30's or early 40's.

It looked right across the main highway (although we were well above it) and out across the lake.

It was a great place with lots of memories.
It is no longer there.

Photo probably by my dad of my brother.

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