Monday, November 4, 2013

Faust Park fall weekend

 St Louis County's Faust Park now occupies what was once a farm first started in 1821.

It now displays many rebuilt old buildings.
It is also the home to an historical old carousel..

It contains old framed farm homes, log buildings, school house, store fronts and other buildings.
 This large log barn is the first one you come to, and you can see the log crib if you look in the door.
 Some of the buildings have signs naming the buildings original names.

This first big barn is Sellenriek Barn.
 A view from the outside.
 This little log barn is right next to it.
 You can tell by how big the gaps are between the logs that this building was always intend as a barn.
If they had been building it as a home, the gaps would be tighter.
View from the other end.
 This small log smoke house near by.

 It was reconstructed using mud on board chinking.
Mud was cheap. Could easily be replaced.
If it didn't get wet, it would last for decades. Usually mixed with grass, straw or horse hair to make it bond better.

 Three of the log buildings in one view.
 Frame farm house.
Cabin number four is a large story and a half dog-rot cabin. This is the front view.
 Closer front view.
Note that the dog trot is enclosed.
Although it no longer serves as a breeze way or place to get out of the sun yet be under roof, it now offers additional room inside. A common practice.
 What's this?
 Well, it's a dog mill.
Even the poor dog had to work on the farm.
I guess the dog could dog trot on the dog-trot.
The drawing is an Eric Sloane.
 Showing floor joists for the upper floor.
 Early six-over-six windows.
 Behind is another small smoke house cabin.
 Another frame house and outbuilding. Probably a summer kitchen.
 Detail of smoke house lock.
 Rear view of the dog-trot cabin.
 Close up of second smoke house.
 Rebuilt brick house nearby.
 Reflection in the school house window.
Old school house.

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