Friday, September 23, 2016

A-21, Bingo!

The other day, walking around at work, I started feeling a slight stabbing pain in my left heel.

I looked down and inspected my shoe and found this attached at the heel.

One of my log cabin numbering tags.

24 years ago when I took down my first two cabins I used these electric box punch outs as tags. And when I ran out of them I cut squares out of flashing tin.

This past weekend while working on the new project, this one must have come out of the end of one of the logs I was moving.

Whenever we move a cabin we have to come up with a way of marking the logs so it can be reassembled as much as possible the way it came down. Some times bad logs have to be replaced, then you need your logs numbered so you can get a replacement log about the same size, and make a pattern of the notches.

I always lettered my corners and numbered my rows. 'A' would have been the front left corner, and '21' would have been one of the higher up logs near the top of the second story.
If it had been a log that ran the whole width of the cabin 'B 21' would have been on the other end.
If it had been a log with a door or window dissecting it, 'B 21' would have been a separate log.

A couple photos in my earlier posts about the Adirondack Lean-to project shows the logs tagged.

Here is a notch I removed that still has the tag on it.
This is one of the tin tags I had to make.

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