Friday, July 22, 2016

Speaking of Maine yet again, once more. . . .

"Camp Webster, Jonesboro, Maine (written on back of mount in pencil by former owner). Photographed and Published by Wm. V. Lane, Vinalhaven, Maine. A large buck hangs upside down from a pole in front of the cabin. Also hanging from the pole are what appear to be several water foul or other large birds, plus a dark fur animal - possibly a beaver. Three shotguns and a rifle lean against the cabin by the doorway, while another shotgun leans against the tree on the other side of the deer. An elderly man stands in the doorway posing for the photographer."

I love the fact that the man is wearing a three piece, bow tie, and a watch chain while at his hunting cabin.
Note also the guns on display by the door.

A little more effort was put into this cabin, note the windows and the shingles around them, as well as the well shingled roof.

Was it his or was he just a guest?

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