Friday, October 25, 2013

Finally pulled over. . .

After driving past it for years, finally pulled over and got permission to take some photos.
A former barn turned into a quilting studio for the owners wife.
Moved several miles and rebuilt.

Almost can't see it now with the growth around it, but it sure looks nice.
Moved from near Old Monroe, and a few logs from another building, it was re-built in 1986, and for a while was used as a quilting studio for the builders wife.
About 14 X 16, it is a nice small old barn.

As you can see, the ends of the logs were never squared, so that usually indicates it was never used as a finished home., and was never sided.

Will be going back to look at some repairs it needs and may help with the project. The bottom sill log on the west side needs replacing.

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