Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Probably won't be long now.

As I wrote in this post, I feared the first log cabin I ever completely built would not be around for very much longer. And that I may not get a chance to show my daughter it.

While in Jan. of 2014 it still didn't look to bad, and was not beyond repair, I did indeed need some work but nothing unmanageable.

This is how the exterior looked in Jan. of 2014, two years ago.

Even the inside didn't look to bad.

But I can not say the same now.

So, this past weekend I figured if I was ever going to take her to see it, I needed to do it soon.
So off we went.

While on first appearances the outside didn't seem to have changed much. However, a closer inspection showed the lack of caring and up-keep the present owners have for the place.

Here is how it looked in about 1979 shortly after it was finished.

And how it looked the summer of 1978 when it was being worked on.

"We started after the last snow in April, and finished before the first snow in November."

And it's first snow.

I have lots of great memories of the place ( we even had a couple of Thanksgivings down there ) and I gained an incredible amount of experience working on it. It has been there now for almost forty years, so I guess I can't complain.

But most importantly I got daughter by to see it once and that makes anything else okay.

Hugging the big tree next to it.

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