Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Since a theme seems to have developed - Artists and Log Cabins.

Wikipedia describes Phillip R Goodwin this way; "Philip R. Goodwin (September 16, 1881 – December 14, 1935) was an American painter and illustrator who specialized in depictions of wildlife, the outdoorsfishinghunting and theOld American West"

I love the art of this period. Colorful, usually picturing a rather tense outdoor situation. But much of his work also focused on the quieter times fishing.

Here is some of his work with log cabins in them.

This photo is of friends C.M.Russell and P. Goodwin together.

Russell is seated and Goodwin is standing.
Goodwin died much to young at the age of 54 but had been very prolific and much of his artwork can still be seen.

And if you remember from a previous post, C.M. Russell's studio was in a log cabin.

Russell's Blue Head Lodge on Lake McDonald

Some great photos of Russell and
Goodwin can be found here.

Several of Russell's works also include log cabins.

Russell's 'Smoke of a .45'

And while I don't like Frank Stick's other works as much as Goodwin's, I do really like this one by Frank Stick (1884-1966).

And having once had a confrontation with a moose, I can really appreciate this one by Goodwin.

And one last one by an unknown artist,

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