Friday, July 3, 2015

It's amazing what you will discover just talking about your passion.

The other day at work I got talking to another guy about old log buildings and he asked, "Hey, have you seen that one on such and such road?" I said, "No I have not."
He told me about it and told me how to find it, so that is what I did last night.
I have driven by the site many times over the years, but never knew it was there.
The logs no longer stand in their original configuration.
Originally a two story, it probably resembles the original very little.
Lots of changes have been made to help preserve as many logs as possible.
But, that does not mean it is not a great find.
Note the logs to the left front of the cabin that suggest an interior wall.
 Inside the upstairs floor boards are stained by many years of smoke and have a wonderful patina (that's the last fancy word I will use today).
 You can also see that at one time the logs had been covered with diagonal laths and plaster.

The opening in the wall hides another room and stairs leading up to what would have been at one time an upstairs.
 The roof is still in good shape so the upper logs look good.

 Most of the damaged logs are down lower or under windows.

The chinking is not original and was not well done.
 This is the backside and you can see the logs that divide the interior room.

Although there are probably to many bad logs to preserve the cabin the way it sits, I believe there are enough good ones to rebuild a nice little cabin near the site.
Another view of the back and one side

A few months ago the boys from 'Barnwood Builders' had stopped by to discuss the best way to preserve it.

I am glad the owner, who is part of the original farm family still wants to keep it.

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