Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Doc's Country Store and Boothe Farms - Opp, AL.

 Even a drive to Florida can not stop the hunt for new log buildings.
This new one came by way of Opp, AL

We were flying down the highway when I spotted this place and it' log building.

Kinda of a tourist trap, with a very interesting little museum.
And the food most be pretty good in the cafe, because they sure were busy at lunch time.
 Here is the first view of the Boothe Cabin.
 Sign says '100 years old' in 2003.

Probably older.

Love how it is built high off the ground, southern style.
 Showing the complete front porch.

 Outside work was very well done.
 Inside is a little to shinny for me. The logs had probably been power washed or sand blasted and, to me, can come off looking to new.
The furniture did not seem to be places as if someone were going to use it, but rather seemly just put in the room.
 Nice porch.
 Stone work was very elegant.
 A couple buildings on the site offered some old cars and trucks.

 Besides this old Alabama store and gas pump, on site was also a family farm history museum.
 Inside the old store above.
Main entrance to store and restaurant.

Kinda of a fun stop, with a little play ground for the kids.
Could have been in the Ozarks.
Food looked good.

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