Friday, July 5, 2013

Centennial Farms

 Last Sept. me made a pilgrimage to pick apples in Augusta Mo. at Centennial Farms.

The apples were great and we had a fun time doing it. No one else around, so we had picking to ourselves.

The History of Centennial Farms.

 We also walked around the farm and made a quick check of the old farm house, and discovered it was an old log home.

As with many old farm homes, unless you know what to look for, you can't always tell if they are log or not.

With the shake siding having been removed from the front porch, it was pretty easy to tell on this one.
 Closer view.

 The foundation is well maintained, and tucked real well.

What would have been the front view.
You now enter the property from the side of the house, so people don't always get this view.

Assistant hard at work.

Nice old door.

The front was probably sided at one time also, but is now removed to show the logs.

It as also been re-chinked.
 Finished corner.

Nice stone fireplace and view of second story poarch.
 I added my hand so you could see how thick the logs are.


  1. I must confess that, inspired by you, I did look for log cabins when we were in the San Francisco area, but I didn't see any. That may be due to my inexperience in spotting them rather than their non-existence.

  2. It would be hard to find one in SF after the great fire.
    Out in the country you would find some great ones.
    San Francisco is such a visual town, so much going on for all the sense's.