Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Repost from 2011 - Where does Loghead come from. . .

As most of my friends can attest, I get really excited about three things; My family, Kayaking, and Log Buildings. Well actually there are more, beer, bread, tea, good animated movies, and  . . . .  Well you get the picture.

But I do get really excited about log buildings. Especially ones I have not seen before.

I had posted a picture of this place once before, and its barns. . .

A beautiful old farm house, and although sided now, keeps much of its old charm and charector. .
Even has the old pump. . .

I have posted pictures of the little log barn in the back before, and here it is again
with a few more close ups and details.

Some fine detail of the chinking between the logs. . .

While walking around this little gem I had to walk in the back of the main house
and I discovered this. . .

At least part of the original house was log. Very exciting.

More of the stucture may be log, or this could be the original one room that the rest of the house was added on to. Or this simply could have been an addition at one time.

I have posted here in sketch form and photo the barn located on the property also. . .

Also on this drive. . .

Maybe one of the good things about our current economic state is that old buildings may be torn down at a slower pace now.

I have driven by this wonderful classic old farm house many times, and today finally had time to stop and take some photos.
This is a very old building and is in wonderful shape, as are several of the out buildings.

Part of the stucture could be log, but could not tell from the outside.

I will have to go back and take more pictures of the barn for better lighting, but
it has a wonderful classic shape for small barns.

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