Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jonesburg Mo. Slave cabin

 This old slave cabin sits near the town center, and is a one day a week museum.
Love the fireplace and the configuration of the floor plan.
I don't know, and it doesn't say whether or not these two building set like this at their original location, but it does work on this site.

This is the east front and north side.

 The back side and north end.
 A little closer look at the front showing how the smaller cabin sits back a little from the front.

The lack of fine detail in the hewing and the knotching also suggest that it was not, to the land owner, a very important building and the slaves probably only got to work on it when they could.
The axe work on the masters house would have been a lot better.

 Front and south end.
This small building sits near by, original purpose unknown.

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