Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lovingly fun rebuilding

 A free Saturday afternoon, what better to do than go see a 'new' log building.
I was invited out to give my opinion on the best way to do some chinking and got to see this little gem.
Once a manger or barn, it is now being turned into a little out-building for poker games and evenings sitting on the porch cooking and watching the camp fire (a Daniel Boone like man-cave?).

Although the building still has round logs (and had probably never been chinked before) it should be no trouble chinking between the logs.
The owners are doing a great job keeping a rustic appeal using old lumber where ever possible.
Although still a little way from being finished, the poker table (old butcher block) sits inside and the porch is already looking real nice for a rocker.
Porch posts made for local cider trees.

And the owner also had a split rail fence he had done himself.

Once finished I can see them spending lots of time sitting on the porch.
 Of course any trip out to a new building can also invite a new trip to see other structures. And it did.
I had to drive through Pendelton Mo. so made a point of checking to see if any old buildings still stood.

This nice, well preserved school was still in town.

 Well maintained (I would love to get inside some day) and it looked like, through the windows, a lot of original stuff inside.
 What was unusual, at least a first for me, was that all the windows, except the two by the door, were on one side, the west side.
And the chalk boards were on the east and north side.
I don't know if this is where the chalk boards had always been, but that is where they are now.

I am guessing this window configuration was to give good light during the day, but not much glare on the boards while class was going on.

Just a guess however.

Inside it looked as if it still had it's big old stove.
This old church still stood nearby, but it had been re-muddled with new siding.
I know, you have to protect them. But picking the right siding is important.

Just a pet-peeve of mine.
Probably a once thriving farm town near the railroad, the highway system passed it up by about half a mile and not much is left.
Population in 2010 was around 50.

This pretty, old farm house and the school and church and a few houses are all that still mark Pendelton.
And this run down old store.

Oh, yea, . . . they still have a tavern.

But the log cabin and old school are cool.

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