Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Elsberry and a new log cabin . . .

I had to take a run up to Elsberry Mo today, and, as always, took my camera.

 Elsberry is a small Mississippi flood plain farm town located about half way between St Charles and Clarksville.

It is fairing better than many small rural towns with a very active Main St and many fine buildings still in good shape.

 Main St looking towards Ill. and the Mississippi and the fertile farm land.

Most of the building have some active business inside.
 Looks a little bit like the old school house posted the other day, but in much better shape.
Sign above the door says 'The Old Hall'.
 This cabin is on the drive to Elsberry and I was able to stop on the way back.

It has sat here for as long as I can remember and may be setting on its original site.
The corner foundation blocks have either been removed and replaced, or the cabin was raised a bit to protect it.
 This fine outbuilding sits next to it.
 The out building.

Although it has been re-muddled a bit, they are keeping it in OK shape.

It doesn't look like it has been used much for several years, but at least they keep a good roof on it and the grounds around it trimmed.

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