Monday, November 14, 2016

Adirondack project - Taking Shape.

 Friday was a beautiful day to be out at the cabin working on "The Project".
Finally starting to take shape.

I was able to work on the roof rafters and get them all set.

Math was never my best subject, so setting a 'birdsmouth' in the rafters and getting all to set right was a little challenge.
I first set a long 2x6 on the back top log to make sure all would be level.
The old log was still good, but had bowed a little over time.
As you can see in this first photo I was able to work out the rear longer rafter first. This only required a few times up and down the ladder to get all placed, measured and lining up on the ridge beam so all would be square and level.

 Here I am working on the front rafters (the shorter ones) and once again making sure front and back line up.

 This view shows what the roof line will be once all the rafters are up.
I only got four rafters up before it got dark, but also succeeded in making a pattern for all the others.
 I was also able to place two cedar beams on the front vertical, finishing off the front of the opening.

I have a good over hang front and back so the logs and the inside should be pretty protected from the weather.

Roughly the same view as this earlier sketch.
Finished lines from the back.

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