Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New find - log barn

While driving north, just south of Truxton Mo. I came across this log barn.

No one was home so I didn't get to explore it up close.

A nice old barn that was never built with any intention of it being more than it is.
The logs are still round and had never been hewn.
The gaps between the logs are very wide which would not allow for chinking, or at least it would be very hard to chink. Boards would have been used to cover the wide openings

Love the way the loft door is hanging.
Animals were still living in the barn and over the years have knocked many of the boards off of the front with their comings and goings.

The house on the site was very old also but had had to much remuddling to make a picture not worth while.

Although worn and well used, with the good rood that it has it will last many more years.

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