Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Road trip Old Trashers Park Lincoln County Mo.

I had seen this up coming cabin on a previous drive but did not at the time have time to pull over and check it out.
I corrected that error this weekend.

 Of course with most hunts of this kind there are lots of other great finds along the way.
 This two story cabin must have been quite a gem in its day.
Today time and lack of up-keep is taking its toll.
But it still looks grand from a distances.
 The re-builders either left out chinking to cover the bricks or it has fallen out over the years.

 The vertical boards on the lower half are to keep logs from bowing out as the corners start to crumble from rot.
(When rebuilding a cabin it is always good to support corners near the notches with bricks or stones in case the wood does deteriorate.)

The lower two or three logs are replacements, and had been milled instead of hand-hewn.
 The cabin was also not rebuilt high enough of the ground and it looks like over time they have had to do some lower log rework.

The porch does not look like it would have in its original state. The original porch would probably been off one of the sides attaching to the the roof.

The whole building is probably part of what was once a larger farm house, with this section maybe being the original home.

Beautiful fireplace.
 This particular corner is really suffering from rot and water damage.
And again, vertical logs to keep damage from going any further.
 This little cabin sits a few hundred yards away and is also suffering from some bad re-building or time.

 Again, note the damage near the bottom of the building and all the wood to close to the ground.
 Probably not originally built as a house. And if it was it would probably have been for workers or slaves.
Most log building built for homes would have had hewn logs.
None of these logs are hewn.

Some type of out-building probably.

Or maybe even a weekend hunting cabin.
 Small round logs are hard to chink.

And, just like on the bigger building, if the chinking is not done right, it can speed up water damage.
You can see the bigger building in the background here.
 One of the bad corners on the bigger of the two buildings.

Corners are deteriorating. This happened either because of lack of care rebuilding, or lack of maintenance. Or maybe it was bad before they rebuilt it.

Again, the vertical boards to old bad logs up.

Lack of good foundations under both of these has not helped.
From the entrance to the park.

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