Saturday, March 22, 2014

One that got away. . . just a memory now.

Passed this one for lots of years and then drove by one time and it was gone. It set back in a field behind the main farm house.

Not sure what it's original purpose was.
Was it the first home before the main house  was built.
Was it slave or workers quarters?

Summer kitchen?

The sides of the logs had never been hewn, which usually indicates the building was never intended as the main house.
Or they could have planned on siding it right away, which would be very unusual.

I love the mix of wood and stone between the logs to hold the chinking.

The vertical slat would have held the siding.

The doors and windows were very simple.

The addition on the back was added at a later time, perhaps to make kitchen space or another bedroom.

 Here seen in the snow.

Looking in the window at an old stove.

I think the family hunters used it for a few years before they took it down and just used the old farm house.

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